Interactive Logistic Solutions launched a successful pilot project of the Infor WMS solution at the Slovak 3PL provider Quality & Logistic Industrial Services

The Infor WMS cloud solution will help the Slovak 3PL provider improve speed and accuracy for its clients

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia – January 25, 2023 – Interactive Logistic Solutions s.r.o. (ILS), an IT consulting company, announced today that Quality & Logistic Industrial Services, s.r.o. (Q & L), a third-party internal logistics (3PL) provider based in Bratislava, has launched a successful pilot project of the Infor WMS cloud solution to improve the performance of warehouse operations. The customer expects that the new system will bring his clients additional advantages in terms of speed and accuracy.

With the previous system the customer was using, Q&L found itself locked in with suppliers with long lead times, with a need to quickly improve flexibility in today’s volatile and unpredictable markets. The Infor cloud solution provides access to a complete functional system without investment in hardware.

After a few months of operating a pilot warehouse with Infor WMS, another large warehouse will be deployed this fall in Trnava. Infor WMS will cover all processes from receiving and picking to picking, loading and shipping. As part of the project, Infor WMS is also going to be integrated with AGV (automated guided vehicles) systems.